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What is cooperative media?

Give your audience full control to build a trusting relationship for mutual benefit


Fed up of...

...shouting ever louder to stand out from the crowd?
...falling engagement rates? 
...giving your audience data to social media for them to make more money?

So try Qustodian - a direct to audience digital channel owned by you that allows you to communicate with your fans under their terms... not shouting, listening.



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You own the relationships,


the data,


the content,


the creative… 


& the revenue

People’s trust in digital media has been eroded by abuse of data and it being a one way street. 

By putting your audience in control of what they see and when, you build trust and, with the Qustodian platform, have all the market proven tools to engage your fans for mutual benefit. 

Then you’ll achieve up to 70% engagement rates. *

And with increased engagement rates you’ll receive:

  • deep audience profiling with 1st party data
  • higher usage & loyalty
  • increased revenue from sales and marketing

All whilst fully complying with GDPR data regulations

* Consistently achieved in live B2C Qustodian Service

What is it?

A premium, direct-to-fan, digital communication channel for audience engagement via your app and your website.

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Your fans choose when to look, to discover new things.


In an immersive, interactive messaging inbox


How does it work?

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Communicate with your fans with a blend of interactive, multi-screen messages:

Product Overview

Qustodian is a SaaS platform solution. Using our simple toolkits, you can create a white label app or embed a ‘discovery section’ (eg. Inbox) into your existing app or website in minutes.


Manage and curate your service with our simple to use administration panel.

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All delivered under the full control of your fans.

About us

A brand new digital media company, run by seasoned professionals

That purchased the market proven software behind the world’s first user controlled mobile marketing platforms:

Find us @ 35 Hatton Garden, London EC1N, UK

Find us @ 35 Hatton Garden, London EC1N, UK

To change the world by developing the platform to deliver cooperative media: building trust between people and brands for direct, un-intrusive communication for mutual benefit.

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